hope for happiness and nothing more

its not the kind of sadness you can explain,
yet it can cause all sorts of pain,
sputtering out these profanities,
then regretting your words of
wishing you had a second chance,
so you’re not just left in the distance


30. August 2014

lower case intended~

i stand alone surrounded,
by this pressing fog,
looking down i just see the ground,
but looking up i see no sun

this field you see,
is this most open as could be,
yet i see nothing past my hands,
other than a constant whiteness,
that i feel seeps and crawls in me

i wish that you were here now,
encasing my hand in yours,
as then we’d be together,
to journey from it all

because no matter if we stuck,
by this pressing fog,
you’d hold me tightly to you,
stepping forward as we go on,
to find out,
what the worlds become

(for him-dlr)



I haven’t felt alright, for a really long time.

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